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Atlantic Expedition - Cantabric Sea (2008): Overview

Laminaria digitataIn June 2008, the Oceana Ranger initiated its Expedition in Vigo after having navigated in the waters of the Alboran Sea, Gulf of Cádiz and Portugal.

The team of scientific and submarine photographers investigated the Galician seabeds near Isla de Ons, Costa da Morte, Islas Sisargas and Ría de Ribadeo.

They also visited the Asturian waters of Cabo de Peñas, Cudillero and Ribadesella, as well as Bay of Biscay waters between Suances, Santander and Cabo de Ajo, and Basque waters of Cabo Matxitxako, Urdaibai, Mutriku and Cabo Higer.

With the support of Fundación Biodiversidad, Oceana's objective was to improve knowledge of Spanish seabeds and promote the creation of new protected areas.

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