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Mediterranean: What Oceana Does

oceana diversTo protect Mediterranean marine ecosystems and preserve fishing opportunities, Oceana is focused on addressing all threats together, including: climate change; illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing; overfishing, pollution and oil and gas exploration and development.

At the heart of Oceana’s approach are local communities, stakeholders and scientists. Ultimately, these people are the drivers of change and are able to provide local knowledge of the impacts, solutions and management options concerning the Mediterranean Sea’s diverse options.

From our European offices in Madrid and Brussels, Oceana is invested in working with local communities and international forums to shape marine policy.

Local communities are the foremost stakeholders in the Mediterranean, with both the most to gain from ecologically sustainable management and the most to lose from reckless exploitation of marine resources.

Oceana feels that lasting Mediterranean protections can be best achieved by working with the local communities that depend on those resources.

Oceana’s work in the Mediterranean includes: tagging Loggerhead sea turtles, bluefin tuna larval surveys, reporting illegal bluefin tuna and shark fishing, documenting undersea features and life, documenting illegal driftnets and providing ocean related information to the public and policy managers.