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Punta de Choros: What Oceana Does

Oceana is working to protect the health and ecology of Punta de Choros from the development of two coal-fired power plants.

Part of the marine area was designated as a marine reserve in 2005, but it is not enough to protect this natural spectacle of biodiversity.

Oceana and the local community’s fight to protect the health and ecology of Punta de Choros from the development of these coal-fired power plants met with great success in August 2010 when Chilean President Sebastiàn Piñera announced his request that Suez Energy relocate its Barrancones thermoelectric coal-fired power plant.

Oceana continues to call for a revision of the other coal-fired power plants that are currently undergoing environmental assessment in Chile.

In addition to halting the development of power plants near Punta de Choros, Oceana also seeks to set standards for emissions of carbon dioxide and mercury and the use and discharge of water from existing coal-fired power plants in Chile, which currently has no applicable standards.