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Predators & Prey: Overview

puffinOverfishing of large predatory fish has vastly depleted their numbers.

As a result, fisheries are now going after their food -- the prey species on which predators such as bluefin tuna, puffins and blue whales depend.

Overfishing of these prey species is now causing food shortages in the ocean, further devastating predator populations.

The global demand for salmon, tuna and other large predators has led to the explosive growth of aquaculture. Aquaculture operations require huge quantities of wild prey fish to be caught and used as feed, further stressing prey populations.

Prey species are also naturally vulnerable to changes in oceanic conditions, such as temperature and ocean currents. Diminished prey populations sensitive to climate change could leave predators hungry.

It‘s not too late for the big fish, mammals and seabirds to recover if we restore their food supply. Oceana works to promote responsible fishing, conservative catch limits and protected hotspots for predators.