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How to Be a Seafood Sleuth

Image via istockphoto.comThanks for being a Seafood Sleuth! We’re fighting seafood fraud, but we can’t do it without your help.

Seafood fraud includes a number of dirty activities that seek to skirt the rules and rip us off, including mislabeling seafood as a totally different fish.

In late 2011, Oceana tested seafood in the Boston area and found that 18 percent of the seafood purchased from major grocery store chains was mislabeled. The Boston Globe also published a story on seafood fraud in New England markets and restaurants and found 48 percent of the fish to be mislabeled. Just this April, we tested seafood in the Los Angeles area and determined that more than 55 percent was mislabeled according to Federal law.

Now we’re asking Seafood Sleuths like you to buy seafood from either a restaurant or grocery store in your area and send a small piece of fish back to us. Our science team will work with a lab to use DNA to identify the fish species collected in each region and report the results.

Read our step-by-step instructions and FAQs and get sleuthing!

Remember, the deadline to return your fish detective kit is June 30. Questions? Write to [email protected] and check out Oceana’s seafood fraud campaign for more information.