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Celebrate Shark Week 2012 with Oceana


On August 12, Shark Week is back! In its 25th year, millions of Americans will tune in to watch stories about amazing, powerful sharks. But the truth is that sharks are in trouble from their top predator: humans.

Caught on fishing lines and targeted for their fins, shark numbers are dropping, and fast. Oceana is once again a conservation partner of Shark Week, and we hope that in addition to catching Discovery’s great programming, you’ll take a moment to help the ocean’s top predators.

Sharks are great to watch on TV, but we need them in the wild, too. Here are some ways you can help:

What You Can Do

1. Take Action. Great white sharks on the US West coast are in serious danger of extinction, but they're not covered by the Endangered Species Act. Sign the petition today to help give these sharks the protection that they need.

2. Adopt a Shark. Make a $50 donation and get a plush shark to cuddle with during Shark Week. Along with the plush shark you'll get a personalized adoption certificate.

3. Spread the Word. Watch “Mad Men” actress January Jones swim with sharks in Belize and the Bahamas, then take action and pass it on!

4. Get to Know a Great White. Oceana Board member Ted Danson narrates Great White Highway, one of this year's Shark Week shows. Tune in on Thursday, August 16th at 9 p.m. to meet a few Great Whites and the scientists who know  them best.

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1. Factsheet: Shark Attack Statistics: Learn the truth about shark attacks.

2. Factsheet: Shark Myths vs. Facts: Find out some of the most common misconceptions about sharks.  

3. Factsheet: Sharks in Peril: Find out why you should be scared for sharks.

4. Factsheet: Tips for Avoiding Shark Attacks: Learn how to avoid becoming a (very rare) shark bite victim.