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Hey Big Oil, Clean Up Your Mess

Posted Mon, Nov 15, 2010 by tmarshall to ban offshore drilling, big oil, bp oil spill, gulf of mexico, oil spill response bill, senate

Today, Congress returns from elections to wrap up its work for this session, which means that time is running out for the Senate to pass any legislation in response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The House of Representatives already passed their version of a spill response bill back in July, and now it is the Senate’s turn to act.

The Gulf of Mexico needs help, and it needed it yesterday. Of course, the only way to prevent another catastrophe like the Deepwater Horizon oil spill is to ban new offshore oil and gas drilling. In the meantime, the least we can do is pass a bill to clean up and restore the devastation that the oil industry has inflicted upon our oceans and coasts.

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Expedition Photo of the Day: Oil on the Horizon

Posted Tue, Aug 24, 2010 by tmarshall to ban offshore drilling, oceana gulf expedition, photo of the day

oil rig on the horizon at sunset

© Oceana/Eduardo Sorensen

My other photos of the day have been cool underwater creatures. But today, my focus is something you can see above the waves. This beautiful photo is marred by that pesky oil rig in the distance, otherwise breaking up a fantastic sunset.

It is no surprise that as an ocean conservation group, we are against offshore drilling. Our expedition will continue for several more weeks, looking for how the BP drilling diaster has affected the area. But we are also working to make sure that an event like this never happens again.

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President Obama Almost Gets it Right

Posted Mon, Jun 21, 2010 by MattDundas to ban offshore drilling, bp oil spill, clean energy, deepwater drilling disaster, fossil fuels, gulf of mexico oil spill, offshore drilling, president obama

In his address to the nation last week, President Obama almost got it right.

He described his vision for America’s clean energy future, which includes wind, solar, and other renewable sources, in addition to energy efficiency.

But his vague entreaties for progress on this most crucial of issues left out vital specifics and he stopped frustratingly short of saying what is on the minds of so many of us in the wake of the tragic and seemingly endless disaster in the Gulf: it is time for a ban on offshore drilling.

When he introduced the creation of a commission to investigate the causes of the Deepwater Drilling Disaster, the president displayed the same stale mindset that has plagued so many before him: that through improved technology we can make safe what is inherently an unsafe, dirty, and dangerous practice.

We don’t need to improve offshore drilling: We need to ban it.

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