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Oceana CEO Tells CCTV How to Restore the Oceans

Oceana CEO Andy Sharpless dropped by the Chinese CCTV studios recently to talk China, responsible fisheries management and how it could bring the world's oceans back to a state of abundance in just 5 years. As he points out, 11% of world's ocean fish are caught in Chinese waters.

"I think this is the world's biggest conservation problem that we can fix. It's a source of food that the planet needs to manage and can be turned around very rapidly. So for me it's a really exciting problem because it's fixable."

As Andy says, restoring the oceans will take three steps: setting and enforcing scientific quotas, protecting habitat and reducing bycatch, the accidental killing of non-targeted species. Every year more than 16 billion pounds of fish are caught and thrown away as bycatch.

Check out the video!

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