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Oceana Talks about the Wonders of the Ocean on Nightline

In a preview of the National Geographic series Kingdom of the Oceans airing on March 10, ABC News spoke with Oceana senior vice president for North America and chief scientist Mike Hirshfield about, well, everything. In this whirlwind video, viewers whip from the deep sea to kelp forests to coral reefs and encounter creatures as varied as cuttlefish, spanish dancers and the truly bizarre blanket octopus. Mike gives both economic and intrinsic reasons for caring about the health of the oceans.

"So many economies are absolutely dependent on healthy oceans. 15 percent of the world's protein comes from fish produced by the oceans. That's a nontrivial amount of food. If you care about living creatures, the wonder and magic and beauty of the oceans are something you should care about."

The four-part National Geographic series begins March 10 on the Nat Geo Wild channel and features Oceana Senior Advisor Alexandra Cousteau as narrator. Check it out!

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