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Ocean News: Obama Makes Big Moves for Tackling Seafood Fraud and Protecting Marine Habitat, and More

A fish market in Jessup, Maryland. (Photo: Oceana / Jenn Hueting)

- In a video announcement released at the Our Ocean conference today, President Obama announced that he will expand the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument. This Monument contains some of the most pristine tropical ecosystems in the world, but is vulnerable to ocean acidification and climate change. The Associated Press

- Obama also vowed to combat seafood fraud, illegal fishing, and black market fish in his announcement today, directing federal agencies to work together to tackle this issue. Other speakers at the Our Ocean conference, including Secretary of State John Kerry and celebrity ocean activist Leonardo Dicaprio, also promised to work on this global issue. Oceana

- Scientists have found that the Mediterranean Sea is warming and acidifying at an unprecedented rate, mainly from carbon dioxide in fossil fuel emissions. The scientists gathered their findings and are presenting them in a 10-point summary to policy makers, scientists, and the public this week in Barcelona. Science Daily 

- Ibiza tourists, activists, and residents have vowed to stand against oil prospectors who have expressed interest in drilling off this Balearic island, and Greenpeace sailed into the area last week to join protestors against oil exploration. The Guardian 

- New research found that crayfish exhibit similar patterns of anxiety found in humans and other animals, indicating that anxiety trickles further down the food chain than previously thought.  This study comes at the heels at a handful of other studies showing crustaceans can feel pain, and some experts are saying this could have implications for the food chain. BBC News

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