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Ocean News: Diseased Fish Linked with BP Oil Spill, Rock Oysters Could Withstand Ocean Acidification, and More

Fish at a seafood market. (Photo: Oceana / Jenn Hueting)

- Prince Charles and his International Sustainability Unit want to turn fisheries into an investment opportunity, according to a new report. The report said that approaching fisheries management sustainably could help achieve social, environmental, and economic goals. The Guardian

- New research shows that at least one oyster species may be able to adapt to climate change. Australian researchers found that second-generation Sydney rock oysters exposed to ocean acidification thrived in more acidic waters. ABC Australia

- Scientists have matched oil found in diseased Gulf fish with that from the BP oil spill. BP has rejected the research, saying it’s “not possible to accurately identify the source of oil based on chemical traces found in fish livers or tissue." Reuters

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- Heading to the beach this summer? This article explores everything you need to know about jellyfish, from whether they’re actually taking over the world’s ocean to how to treat a jellyfish sting.  Mother Jones

- As more animals become affected from ocean acidification, including shellfish, corals, and fish, what can scientists and policy makers do to mitigate the effects of climate change and save these creatures? The Independent

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