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Ocean News: U.S. to Auction Off New Jersey Area for Offshore Wind, Baby Sea Turtles Found to Make Noises, and More

An offshore wind farm. (Photo: Kim Hansen / Flickr Creative Commons)

- A New York-based seafood company and its executives pleaded guilty in federal court for fish fraud. The executives underreported the amount of summer flounder they caught between June 2009 and December 2011 by 56,000 pounds and used false documents to ship fish to customers. The Wall Street Journal

- New research shows that baby sea turtles may in fact be able to make noises. Researchers looked at 12 leatherback sea turtle nests in Mexico, and found that the babies made noises while their nests were still incubating, characterized by chirps, grunts, and "complex hybrid tones." The Smithsonian

- Yesterday, the U.S. Department of the Interior announced plans to auction off 344,000 acres off the coast of New Jersey for offshore wind energy development. The move is a part of Obama’s Climate Action Plan, and could provide enough power for 1.2 million homes. Bloomberg

- A new study found that the Indus river dolphin’s dramatic decline is linked to irrigation, specifically fragmenting their river habitat with dams and removing river water for irrigation. The study found that the dolphins have disappeared from 10 sections of the river. Tech Times

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- When you think about eating fish, you’re probably thinking about a fillet of fish, rather than its head. Fish head is densely packed with taste, nutrition, and meat, so it’s worth a try giving it a shot rather than discarding it. Modern Farmer

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