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Dusky’s Big Adventure, Day 3: Dusky Learns What Can be Done to Save His Friends

Dusky the Shark learns what can be done to save his friends. (Photo: Oceana)

This is the third post in a five-part blog series that features Dusky the Shark. This week, Dusky will appear in a comic strip that explains why dusky sharks in the northwestern Atlantic are at risk, and what actions he and Oceana are taking to protect his species. Check The Beacon again tomorrow for the next installment of Dusky’s Big Adventure, and click here to see Dusky’s Big Adventure from Monday and Tuesday.

Today, Dusky finds out that he’s not as well-known as other shark species, like great whites, hammerheads, or blacktip reef sharks. Therefore, he needs to raise awareness about his species to ensure protective measures are put in place.

Dusky also finds out what he can do to save his species: encourage the federal government to take action and raise awareness by making a Bucket List including all of the things he needs to do before it is too late. The Bucket List will be a way for Dusky to raise awareness for his species and get  bycatch limits set for longline fisheries in the U.S.

Take a look below to see Dusky’s adventures earlier this week, and click here to take action to protect dusky sharks.

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