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Ocean News: Gray Whales Showing Signs of Recovery, Gulf of Mexico Fish Lesions Linked to BP Oil Spill, and More

A gray whale. (Photo: WhaleRiot / Flickr Creative Commons)

- A team of researchers that’s been monitoring gray whale populations off California for several years say that their numbers are increasing. Marine observers have spotted 431 gray whale mothers and calves so far this year as they make their annual migration to the Arctic. UT San Diego

- Four fishing areas of the Gulf of Mexico that have been closed since the BP oil spill reopened on Monday. While some say this is a sign of recovery, others are saying the recovery process is too slow. WAFB

- Scientists are using the Exosuit, a hi-tech, space suit-resembling body suit, to dive to depths never before explored by humans. The American Museum of Natural History’s curator-in-charge at the Department of Ichthyology plans to use the suit to study bioluminescent fish in deep water and deep reefs. The Guardian  

- A new study points to the BP oil spill as a likely cause for skin lesions found on fish in the Gulf of Mexico in 2011 and 2012. A senior vice president with BP immediately disputed the study and said these lesions have long been observed in the Gulf. Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative


- The general population seems to have a huge fear of sharks, but in reality, sharks should fear humans because of fishing pressure. This article takes a look at the smooth dogfish shark, which swims along New York City beaches often but poses no real risk to humans. The New York Times

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