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Ocean News: New Minke Whale Foraging Patterns Discovered, Google Street View Takes on the Florida Keys, and More

Minke Whale (Balaenoptera acutorostrata) off the Chilean coast. (Photo: Oceana / Eduardo Sorensen)

- Google’s Street View will soon be coming to underwater ecosystems off the U.S. Government scientists have been learning to use this technology in the Florida Keys, and not only will this provide a glimpse into the underwater world, it will also help scientists inform research and management plans. Monroe News

- New data from digital tags revealed that minke whales feast on krill under Antarctic ice—feeding behavior not previously known to exist. Additionally, scientists found that the whales “lunged” for mouthfuls of krill at the fastest rates ever observed in filter-feeding baleen whales. National Geographic

Long Read:

- Every year, at least 705,479 tons of nets and other fishing gear are lost at sea and sink to the seafloor. Once lost, these derelict nets and ghost gear take a massive toll on marine life and habitat, often continuing to trap their intended catch without any escape for marine life. Quartz


- Former Kure Beach, North Carolina Mayor Mac Montgomery looks at why offshore drilling and seismic airgun blasting is wrong for the North Carolina coast. Montgomery focuses on how healthy coastal environments are crucial to North Carolina’s lucrative coastal economy from tourism, fisheries, and more. Star News Online

- The Center for Biological Diversity’s oceans director takes a stance against offshore fracking along California’s coast, citing the multiple environmental and human health risks from such a practice. She highlights how two out of three Californians, or roughly 65 percent of residents, are opposed to offshore fracking. The Huffington Post

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