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Meet Sawfish: A Family of Unique Rays that Need Conservation Attention

Sawfish are a group of rays that need conservation attention.

A sawfish. (Photo: Flickr Creative Commons / Simon Fraser University Public Affairs and Media Relations)

You may not have heard of sawfish, an incredibly unique looking family of rays. As a flat fish with a long toothed snout (rostrum) lined with teeth that looks like a saw, sawfish have earned their name. Despite their large size (up to 20 feet long!) and those intimidating teeth, sawfish are in trouble.

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Bottom Trawling Threatens Deep Sea Ecosystems, Studies Say

Cod trapped in a trawler net

Cod trapped on the net of an Estonian trawler in the port of Wladyslawowo, Southern Baltic Proper, Poland. (Photo: Oceana / LX)

Cod, flounder, and halibut make delicious seafood, but they’re often not sustainably harvested. In fact, they’re likely caught with one of the most destructive types of fishing gear: bottom trawls. These large, heavy nets are dragged across large areas of seafloor, and inevitably clear-cut everything in their path.

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Shark Antibodies Could Improve Human Disease Treatment, Study Shows

Galapagos shark swimming over coral

Galapagos shark (Carcharhinus galapagensis). (Photo: Oceana / Eduardo Sorensen)

Sharks are often portrayed as the monsters of the deep or the villains in horror movies, famous for their menacing teeth and killer attack instincts. In real life, however, sharks have recently inspired scientists to make strides toward improving treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

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