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Need a Beach Soundtrack? We’ve Got You Covered.


Heading out of town for the fourth of July? As with any trip, you need a great destination and some tunes for the ride.

Our Ocean Heroes finalists have spent time on the beach and on the water, learning to appreciate and protect all the ocean has to offer. Each shoreline has its own unique qualities that make it special. We asked our finalists for their favorite ocean destination -- maybe some of them are heading there this week for the holiday!

We also asked them to pick their favorite ocean-related songs and bands, and we put together a Spotify playlist

Check out their answers below!


Dave Rauschkolb:

Place: My home beach, Rosemary Beach.

Song: The B-52's / Rock Lobster

Don Voss:

Place:  Little Cayman Island, Qamea, Fiji or Yap

Song: Adele / Rolling in the Deep

Hardy Jones:

Place: St. Augustine, FL, where I live

Song: The Beach Boys / Good Vibrations

Rick Steiner:

Place: I have lived on the ocean most of my life, and have traveled the world's oceans and coasts.  I'd love to return to the NW Hawaiian Islands, the Oregon Coast, the South Pacific, Papua New Guinea, Mauritania, the coast of British Columbia, the Katmai coast in Alaska, St. Lawrence Island, Nunivak Island, Bering Strait, the Aleutians, the Arctic coast, Great Barrier Reef, and Prince William Sound (before the Exxon Valdez oil spill).

Song: Pat Benatar / Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Kristofor Lofgren:

Place: The Caribbean

Song: Jack Johnson / Good People

Michele Hunter:

Place: That's a tough question, I enjoy many areas and terrain the beaches and ocean provide from Laguna Beach, Maine to the Oregon coast.

Song: Van Morrison / Into the Mystic


James Hemphill:

Place: Cumberland Island, Georgia

Song: George Fenton / Spinning Dolphins

Teakahla WhiteCloud:

Place: Florida Keys or Hawai'i

Song: Katy Perry / Part of Me

The Calvineers: Editor’s Note: This message comes from Bill McWeeny, the Principal Investigator and mentor for the Calvineers.

Place:  I live directly on a small estuary in Maine.  I cannot think of a better place to be.  I imagine many of the Calvineers will grow up wanting to live near the sea since exploring and sailing and swimming are so much a part of their lives.

Song: Calvin Harris/ Feel So Close

Sara Brenes:

Place: The Bahamas

Song: Bob Marley & The Wailers / Three Little Birds

Sam Harris:

Place: Cape town, South Africa

Song: Red Hot Chili Peppers / Can't Stop

You can check out all of these songs on our Spotify playlist.


Don’t forget to vote for your favorite finalists, you have until July 11th to cast your vote!


Photo Credits (clockwise from top left): Cape Town, South Africa: Wikimedia Commons, Bahamas: Ricymar Fine Art Photography (via Flickr), Fiji: Miguel Sancheese (via Flickr), Bering Strait: NOAA, Caribbean: Franco Caruzzo (via Flickr), St. Augustine, FL: NOAA, Cumberland Island: NOAA, Laguna Beach: NOAA, Hawaii: Wikimedia Commons/Frank Schulenburg, Rosemary Beach: Chad Raggio (via Flickr), Maine Estuary: Pleasant River Wildlife Foundation (middle)

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Join Us for Hands Across the Sand on June 25!

Remember Hands Across the Sand, last year’s explosively popular international demonstration against offshore drilling and for clean energy? The second annual event will take place on June 25 at noon local time all over the world, and Oceana is playing a central role.

Last year’s HANDS brought more than 100,000 people to beaches and parks to join hands for fifteen minutes in a display of solidarity.

Instead of passing laws limiting offshore drilling or raising the liability cap in the event of another major spill, Congress is going in the opposite direction and voting for more offshore drilling, including a major expansion to the East Coast.

Bills being considered now would actually make drilling even less safe than it was before the spill. This fact, along with increasing popular demand for renewable energies, promises a large showing of ocean-lovers to stand up for what’s right.

We’re drawing a metaphorical line in the sand against offshore drilling, will you join us? Check out the details or sign up to organize an event in your community at

Matt Dundas is a campaign manager at Oceana; he serves on the National Advisory Council for HANDS and attended the 2010 event outside the White House.

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How to Make Your Next Vacation Count

Hyatt Huntington Beach Resort and Spa by McCue Marketing via Flickr

Looking for a warm getaway as the weather turns chilly? Usually beach trips are about enjoying the oceans, not giving back to them, but now you can do both, through Getaway 2 Give.

When you book at any of seven participating hotels from now until March 31, 2011, you will enjoy a two-night stay with breakfast for two each morning, and the best part? 10 percent of your stay will be donated back to the four sponsored charities, including Oceana.

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Expedition Wildlife Spotting, Part 2

On my second attempt to spot whale sharks yesterday, I flew with the effervescent Bonny Schumaker, whose organization On Wings of Care helps protect wildlife and their habitats by helping with search, rescue, rehabilitation and scientific research. Samantha Whitcraft of the non-profit Oceanic Defense also joined us for the flight. We took off from New Orleans and flew about 50 miles south over the Gulf.

Bonny and her 4-seater plane, whom she lovingly refers to as “Bessie,” have years of experience spotting wildlife.  Unfortunately, despite Bonny and Bessie’s best efforts, the conditions yesterday were simply not ideal for finding marine life. Choppy waters and white caps made it a challenge to see much of anything besides oil rigs, oil boom and barrier islands:

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Oil Spill Quote of the Day

From on Monday:

"We can see the beaches; we can see the dead animals; we can get a count on turtles and whales and all this stuff -- and all of that is eye-level observation," said [Ed] Overton, a professor emeritus at Louisiana State University and a veteran of oil-spill science.

"What we don't know is what damage is done ... to little creatures down below the surface -- or just at the surface -- that we never see."

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Join Hands Across the Sand on June 26th

This coming Saturday, June 26th, thousands of people will join hands -- literally -- on beaches around the world in opposition to offshore drilling. Will you be one of them?

Hands Across the Sand isn’t about politics. It’s about protecting our oceans, coastal economies and marine life from the disastrous effects of offshore drilling.

Participating is easy. Just go to your beach on June 26 at 11 AM in your time zone. Form lines in the sand and at 12:00, join hands. It’s a peaceful, simple way to send a message to state legislators, Governors, Congress and President Obama: It's time to end offshore drilling and transition to clean energy.

The movement started in Florida this past February, when thousands of Floridians representing 60 towns and cities and over 90 beaches joined hands to protest the efforts by the Florida Legislature and the US Congress to lift the ban on oil drilling in the near and off shores of Florida.

Check out this video from the event:

Hands Across The Sand from Walton Outdoors on Vimeo.

Join hands with us and draw a line in the sand against offshore oil drilling.

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