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Ocean Roundup: Polar Bears Congregating in Manitoba, Northern Shrimp Declining across Their Range, and More

Polar bears could lose two-thirds of their population by mid century

Polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba. (Photo: Valerie / Flickr Creative Commons)

- Yesterday, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory held a meeting behind closed doors with state and federal officials and agencies involved with offshore drilling, which was closed to journalists, environmental groups, and the public. The meeting included discussions related to offshore oil and gas exploration that could be coming to the North Carolina coast within a few years. The Associated Press

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Ocean Roundup: New Deep-Sea Coral Discovered, Alvin Submersible Highlighted for Oceanographic Research, and More

The Alvin has been conducting oceanographic research for years

The Alvin submersible. (Photo: NOAA Photo Library / Flickr Creative Commons)

- Nicaragua will soon begin constructing a new canal that connects the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, and will be nearly 200 miles long by the time it’s completed. However, both environmental and social impact studies have not yet been completed, and it’s estimated that at least 30,000 people will be displaced by its construction. Spiegel Online International

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Ocean News: Nicaragua Approves Massive Shipping Canal, Walking Fish Make Annual Appearance, and More

A female grunion depositing eggs during their annual spring run.

A female grunion depositing eggs during their annual spring run. (Photo: Sahadeva Hammari / Flickr Creative Commons)

- Yesterday, Nicaragua approved a proposed route for a $40 billion shipping channel across the country that will compete with the Panama Canal. The channel, which will traverse Central America’s largest lake, will undergo environmental and social impact studies this year. Reuters

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