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From Jimmy Buffett to Pearl Jam: Our Finalists' Favorite Music

A Pirate Looks at Forty: Jimmy Buffett won the hearts (and ears) of many of our Ocean Hero finalists as their favorite ocean-related musical artist! Photo: Michael W. Pendergrass

When our Ocean Hero finalists aren't saving the oceans, many of them love to wind down with music that keeps their love for the oceans going strong! Here are some of our finalists' favorite ocean or beach-related songs: 

Angela Pozzi: I love Jack Johnson’s sensitivity to the sea.

Bren Smith: Banks of Newfoundland 

Dr. Neil Hammerschlag: Pearl Jam – without a doubt! I am a huge PJ fan! I have been to over 30 shows and continue to follow them around. Their music, activism and art is fueled by the band’s love and respect for the ocean. If anyone reading this has an “in” with the band, I would love the opportunity to meet and discuss the ocean with them!

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Jeff Bridges at SeaChange: ‘Oceana Abides’

jeff bridges

© OCEANA/ Michael Munson

Last Friday, more than 350 guests attended Oceana’s third annual SeaChange Summer Party in Laguna Beach, California, which raised over 1 million dollars for ocean conservation.

Jeff Bridges and Pierce Brosnan were the special guests of the evening, and other celebs in attendance included Morgan Freeman, Ted Danson, Sam Waterston, Diane Lane, Mark Paul Gosselaar, Eric Balfour and Kristin Bauer.

Bridges, who recently scored an Oscar for his role as country singer “Bad Blake” in “Crazy Heart,” gave a surprise performance. Afterwards he charmed the “Lebowski” fans in the audience by quipping, “Oceana abides.”

All in all, a fantastic night for ocean conservation.

For more on SeaChange visit

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Oceana Rocks Bonnaroo

Oceana’s Georgia field organizer, Margie McClain, attended the Bonnaroo music festival last month; she kindly sent us this post about her experience:

Away from the comforts of home, surviving the blistering temperatures, thousands set up in camps and vendor areas across 700 acres of farm land in Manchester, TN. Bonnaroo is famous for advocacy participation and on its tenth anniversary, it didn’t let Oceana down.

I was lucky to be joined by volunteers of the Oceana Planetroo Vendor Team to promote the passing of the Mercury Pollution Reduction Act. A strong line of shows and an even stronger line of support helped us get 1000 petition signatures over the course of the four-day festival from every state, including Alaska and Hawaii, to support the Mercury Pollution Reduction Act. 

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Pearl Jam Rocks for the Oceans

Pearl Jam, celebrated for decades of rock music and activism, have launched a new effort in response to the oil spill, and it’s all about -- you guessed it -- protecting the oceans. 

Oceana is a partner in the effort, and their new website,, includes information about what you can do to live blue, including how to eat sustainable seafood, support clean energy, and help with the Gulf clean-up and restoration effort. 

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