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Making Waves: Updates from Oceana Magazine

(Photo: Oceana / Tim Calver)

In each issue of Oceana magazine, we review recent victories in our Making Waves section. Read for updates from the Winter 2013 issue.

Offshore Wind Energy Gains Momentum on the East Coast

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Clinton Takes the Stage

(Photo: Alex J. Berliner)

In October of last year, Oceana honored former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton at the Partners Award Gala. Continue reading for coverage of Clinton's remarks in the recent issue of Oceana magazine, plus a video of her speech.

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Supporter Spotlight: Summer Osterman

(Photo: Summer Osterman)

In each issue of Oceana magazine, we sit down with one of Oceana’s many supporters to learn why they are passionate about the oceans. In the most recent issue, we chatted with Summer Osterman, a yacht charter broker with Burgess Yachts. You can read our Q&A below below.

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Chef’s Corner: Mario Batali's Jellyfish Salad

(Photo: Ken Goodman Photography)

When you think of your favorite seafood dishes, we’re pretty sure that jellyfish is not on your list. But this often-overlooked sea creature can be the star of some very tasty dishes. In the recent issue of Oceana magazine, we featured Chef Mario Batali’s recipe for jellyfish salad


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Diving In: The Story Behind Three Oceana Expeditions

(Photo: Oceana)

Each year, Oceana undertakes several scientific expeditions to explore and gather data about our ocean’s many ecosystems. In the recent issue of Oceana magazine, we cover three of these exciting expeditions from last year. Read an excerpt below, or visit the full article here.


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Reservations For 9 Billion, Please

(Photo: Brant Shenkarow)

“Imagine a world in which seafood is the world’s most-eaten protein.” In this excerpt from The Perfect Protein, published in the recent issue of Oceana magazine, Oceana CEO Andy Sharpless and Suzannah Evans explore how seafood is the key to feeding our growing world.

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Supporter Spotlight: Mitzi Gaskins

(Photo: Oceana)

In each issue of Oceana magazine, we sit down with one of Oceana’s many supporters to learn why they are passionate about the oceans. In the most recent issue, we chatted with Mitzi Gaskins, vice president and global brand manager for JW Marriot Hotels and Resorts. Read an excerpt below, or head over to Oceana magazine to see the full Q&A.

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Ask Dr. Pauly: What are distant-water fishing fleets, and how do they affect overfishing?

(Photo: Oceana / Juan Cuetos) 

Maximum sustainable yield, bycatch and discards, exclusive economic zones, essential fish habitat. If you’ve ever read one of these terms and wondered what it meant, you’re in luck. In each issue of Oceana magazine, fisheries scientist and Oceana board member Dr. Daniel Pauly breaks down a commonly used fisheries term.

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Q&A: Callum Roberts

Callum Roberts is a professor of marine conservation at the University of York in England and author of the 2007 book “The Unnatural History of the Sea.” His second book, “The Ocean of Life”, was published this spring. Oceana asked Roberts about the new book and why we need a “New Deal” for the oceans. This Q&A is from the new issue of Oceana magazine.

How does the Ocean of Life differ from your first book, "The Unnatural History of the Sea"?

“The Unnatural History of the Sea” is about how 1,000 years of hunting and fishing have changed the oceans. It is a voyage through time and around the world in which I let eye witnesses tell their stories of discovery, plunder, glory and heartbreak, and in doing so let us see the oceans in a new light, as if for the first time. “The Ocean of Life” is painted on a bigger canvas. In it I go back to the very beginning in an effort to answer questions like, where did the oceans come from, what were they like before the Cambrian explosion of larger life, who were the first seafood lovers and where did they live? Although I cover the long history of fishing, it is by way of prelude to an exploration of the many other ways in which we are changing the oceans. Almost without noticing it and within my lifetime, humanity has gained dominion over the sea.

What's the most surprising thing you learned about the oceans while researching and writing "The Ocean of Life"?

Probably the most startling and troubling thing I learned, when I drew together the many intertwining strands of our influence, is that the oceans are changing faster today and in more ways than in all of human history. In fact, we may have to go all the way back to the planetary cataclysm that ended the reign of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago to find a more rapid transformation of the sea.

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New Issue of Oceana Magazine: Ocean Heroes and More

The new issue of Oceana magazine is hot off the press! In this issue, you’ll learn about our latest news and victories, and lots more, including:

*Profiles of our 2011 Ocean Heroes, shark-loving Sophi Bromenshenkel and sea lion-rescuing Peter Wallerstein

*A thought-provoking Q&A with environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

*The lowdown on our new campaign to combat Seafood Fraud

*A report on this summer’s expedition in the icy Baltic Sea

*Photos from our recent events: Hamptons Splash, Christie’s Green Auction and World Oceans Day

Check it out and pass it on!

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