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Marine Places

Greenland Ice Coast

An ice coast forms where a glacier extends to the sea, so that a wall of ice is in direct contact with the water. This is a common feature around the highly indented margins of Greenland, mainly at the landward end of long fjords. Together, these ice walls form an interrupted ice coast, and they are the source of enormous numbers of icebergs, many of which escape the fjords and eventually reach the Atlantic. The ice coast extends along only a fraction of the total Greenland coastline, which is an astonishing 27,500 miles (44,000 km) long.

Greenland Ice Coastzoom image
  • Atlantic Ocean Northwest
  • Type Primary coast
  • Formation Extension of ice-sheet to sea level in outlet glaciers
  • Extent About 600 miles (1,000 km)
  • Location Parts of western and eastern coasts of Greenland
Greenland Ice Coast habitat mapzoom image