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Marine Places

Les Pitons

The southwestern coastline on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia is rocky, highly indented, and steeply shelving. A landmark here is Les Pitons (“The Peaks”), two steep-sided mountain spires, each more than 2,430 ft (740 m) high. These are the eroded remnants of two lava domes (large masses of lava) that formed some 250,000 years ago on the flank of a huge volcano. The volcano later collapsed, leaving behind the peaks and other volcanic features in the area. The volcanic rocks on this coast are densely vegetated, except on the very steepest parts of Les Pitons themselves. Beneath the sea are some scattered coral reefs within a series of protected marine reserves. This region was declared a World Heritage Site in 2004.

Les Pitonszoom image
  • Atlantic Ocean West
  • Type Primary Coast
  • Formation Volcanic lava-dome formation followed by volcano collapse and erosion
  • Extent 4 miles (7 km)
  • Location Southwestern coast of St. Lucia, Lesser Antilles, eastern Caribbean
Les Pitons habitat mapzoom image