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Marine Places

Tigris-Euphrates Delta

The Tigris-Euphrates delta is a broad area of marshes and alluvial plains at the northern head of the Arabian Gulf, formed from sediment deposited by three major rivers. An important haven for wildlife, the delta has undergone substantial change over the past 30 years because of various damming and drainage programs. These changes threaten coastal fisheries and endanger several species of waterfowl and mammals. Some restoration work on the delta began in 2003.

Tigris-Euphrates Deltazoom image
  • Indian Ocean Northwest
  • Type Primary coast
  • Formation Sediment deposition from Tigris, Euphrates, and Karun
  • Extent 95 miles (150 km)
  • Location Parts of southeastern Iraq, northeastern Kuwait, and southwestern Iran
Tigris-Euphrates Delta habitat mapzoom image