Salmon: What Oceana Does

salmon aquacultureIn North America, Oceana is working to protect wild salmon  from becoming bycatch in the Alaska pollock fishery, the world’s largest fishery.

In June 2008, after pressure from Oceana and others, the fishery took the first step toward reducing salmon bycatch.

In South America, Oceana works to make the Chilean salmon farming industry environmentally responsible. This includes reducing the use of antibiotics in the industry, reducing salmon escapes and establishing a marine protected area in Patagonia.

The campaign aims to obtain approval of a marine protected area in the Tortel area of Patagonia, to get the approval from the Chilean government for a proposal for preventing, reporting, repairing and sanctioning the escapes of salmon in Chilean aquaculture and to persuade the Chilean government to ban the use of the quinolones family of antibiotics.