Oceana Magazine Fall 2011: In Memoriam: Caleb Pungowiyi

As Oceana’s Rural Liaison and Senior Advisor, Caleb Pungowiyi was a mentor, educator, guide, role model and dear  friend. Caleb was an advocate for subsistence and protection of the Arctic, and his humble nature, deep passion for subsistence, gentle smile and contagious laugh will be greatly missed.

“We have many words for the sea, the waves, and ice. Ice is beautiful with its creaks, groans, whistles, and the great crashing of Ivu. It can also be very peaceful on a calm warm spring day when you can hear for miles and seals bask in the sun. I was very hesitant at first to work for Oceana, as Arctic indigenous people are very leery of how environmental activities might affect their traditional lifestyle. I became fully committed to working with Oceana on the protection of Arctic resources and environment.” – Caleb Pungowiyi, 1941-2011