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Arctic: What Oceana Does

Oceana on arctic sea iceTo best protect Arctic marine ecosystems and preserve opportunities for the subsistence way of life of Arctic peoples, Oceana is focused on addressing all of the threats together -- climate change, industrial fishing, shipping, pollution, and oil and gas exploration and development.

At the heart of Oceana's approach are local communities, stakeholders and scientists. Ultimately, they are the drivers of change, with scientists and local knowledge describing impacts, identifying solutions and assessing management options.

Local communities are the foremost stakeholders in the Arctic, with both the most to gain from ecologically sustainable management of the Arctic and the most to lose from reckless exploitation of Arctic resources. Lasting Arctic protections can only be achieved by working with the local communities that depend on those resources.

Oceana is working through a variety of international forums where possible. There are eight Arctic nations: Russia, Canada, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Denmark (Greenland), Sweden and the United States. Thus far, however, we have focused much of our efforts on U.S. policy, in the belief that getting genuine protection in the U.S. Arctic is an important first step towards international agreements.