Supporter Spotlight: Patricia Harris of Bloomberg Philanthropies

Posted Fri, May 9, 2014 by Justine Hausheer to bloomberg, Oceana magazine

(Photo: Richard Bowditch)

As Oceana prepares to expand our efforts to save the oceans to feed the world to two new countries, Oceana magazine talked with Bloomberg Philanthropies CEO Patricia Harris to learn more about the Vibrant Oceans initiative.

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New Horizons: Bloomberg Takes Oceana to Brazil and the Philippines

Posted Thu, May 1, 2014 by Justine Hausheer to bloomberg, Oceana magazine

(Photo: Oceana / Mike Hirshfield)

2014 just might be the most exciting year yet for Oceana. A recent grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies will allow us to open offices in two new countries ­­­– Brazil and the Philippines – in addition to furthering our existing campaigns in Chile. You can read more about the grant and Oceana’s new offices in this article, featured in the recent issue of Oceana magazine…


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CEO Note: NYC Event Honors Michael Bloomberg

Posted Wed, Apr 23, 2014 by Andy Sharpless to bloomberg, ceo note, save the oceans feed the world

(Photo: Oceana / Jon Dee)

Earlier this month, I had the honor of recognizing former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg for his dedicated support of ocean conservation. Mr. Bloomberg was our special guest at Oceana’s annual New York City Gala, hosted by Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, and Susan and David Rockefeller.

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Bloomberg by the Numbers: How Boosting Fish Populations Can Feed the World

Posted Mon, Feb 3, 2014 by Suzie Hodges to bloomberg, save the oceans feed the world

(Photo: Oceana / Jenn Hueting)

We’ve been talking a lot this week about Vibrant Oceans, former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg’s initiative. We’ve talked about our plan to work alongside Rare & EKO Asset Management to reform international fisheries management and to rebuild fish populations around the world. But we also need to discuss an equally important reason why this commitment is truly historic. By reforming international fisheries, the Vibrant Oceans initiative tackles an issue that affects not only the state of our oceans, but us. People. People everywhere.

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Ted Danson Shares the Good News About Bloomberg

Posted Thu, Jan 30, 2014 by Justine Hausheer to andy sharpless, bloomberg, save the oceans feed the world, ted danson

(Photo: Oceana/ Carlos Suarez)

If you haven't already heard, all of us at Oceana have some big news to share with you. Bloomberg Philanthropies is donating $53 million over five years to help us restore fisheries in three of the world’s largest fishing nations: Brazil, Chile, and the Philippines. Today, Oceana CEO Andy Sharpless partnered with board member Ted Danson to spread the good news in an editorial for the Huffington Post, which we'd like to share with you now...

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CEO Note: Bloomberg Partners with Oceana to Save the Oceans and Feed the World

Posted Wed, Jan 29, 2014 by Andy Sharpless to andy sharpless, bloomberg, ceo note, save the oceans feed the world

(Photo: Oceana)

The political world, recently, spent much time speculating about what former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg would do next after leaving office. And, I have very good news to share—one of Mayor Bloomberg’s new goals will be to help save the oceans and feed the world.

Oceana and two other groups will be joint recipients of a historic and innovative $53-million, five-year grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies to restore fish populations in three of the world’s largest fishing nations: Brazil, Chile, and the Philippines. “Data shows the world’s severely threatened fish populations can rebound if fishing is properly managed,” noted Mayor Bloomberg in a press release about the grant. “The investment we are making now will help bring more life back to our oceans—and protect them for future generations.”

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