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Media Contacts

Organizational Media Contact

Alex Armstrong
Senior Communications Manager
Based in Washington, D.C.
202.467.1957 (office)
[email protected]

Contact Alex for questions about Oceana and general ocean science/policy issues; requests for interviews with celebrity spokespeople and other Oceana representatives including members of its board of directors and executive team; queries about corporate or media partnerships, public service announcements, brand marketing communications, special events and entertainment projects.


Campaign Media Contacts


Alyssa Carnegie
Communications Director, Belize
Based in Belmopan, Belize
[email protected]

Contact Alyssa for stories about general ocean issues affecting Central America and Oceana’s Belize-based campaigns on offshore oil drillingdestructve fishing gear and marine protected areas.


Gabriela Do Vale
Communications Analyst, Brazil
Based in Brasilia, Brazil
+55 61 3247-1800
[email protected]

Contact Gabriela for stories about general ocean issues affecting South America and Oceana’s Brazil-based campaigns on fisheries management, artisanal fisheries and overfishing.


Lesley Wilmot
Communications Director, Canada
[email protected]

Contact Lesley for stories about general ocean issues affecting Canada and any of Oceana Canada’s campaign activities.


Tania Rheinen
Communications Director, Chile
Based in Santiago, Chile

[email protected]

Contact Tania for stories about general ocean issues affecting South America and Oceana’s Chile-based campaigns on salmon aquaculture, marine protected areas, bycatch and climate change.


Marta Madina
Communications Director, Spain
Based in Madrid, Spain
+ 34-911-440-884
[email protected]

Contact Marta for stories about general ocean issues affecting Europe and Oceana’s European-based campaigns on Mediterranean bluefin tuna, sharks, bycatch, overfishing subsidies, driftnetting, bottom trawling, marine protected areas, Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported fishing, mercury contamination, overfishing of prey species and the “Common Fishery Policy Reform.”


Ester Xicota
Communications & Campaign Director, Peru
Based in Lima, Peru
+51 421 10 69
[email protected]

Contact Ester for stories about general ocean issues affecting South America and Oceana’s Peru-based campaigns on the anchoveta fisheryoverfishing and local fisheries.


Gregg Yan
Communications Director, Philippines
Based in Manila, Philippines
+63 2 2810433 / +63 2 3664972
[email protected]

Contact Gregg for stories about general ocean issues affecting Southeast Asia and Oceana’s Philippines-based campaigns on marine protected areasoverfishing and local fisheries.

United States

Dustin Cranor
Communications Director, U.S. Campaigns
954.348.1314 (FL)
202.341.2267 (Washington, DC)
[email protected]

Contact Dustin for stories about any of Oceana’s North American campaigns including seafood fraud;  ocean wildlife, including sea turtles, sharks, and marine mammals; fisheries subsidies, bycatch, destructive fishing gear, ocean habitat; and other subjects related to fishing, including bluefin tuna and other predator and prey fish; climate change and ocean acidification, clean ocean energy, offshore drilling, shipping pollution, mercury and other marine pollutants, reaction to federal agency appointments and policy changes, and related marine science questions.