Agata Mrowiec | Oceana
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Agata Mrowiec

Senior Communications Officer
Oceana Staff

I think the main paradox of the connection between me and the ocean is the fact that I have never been linked to it closely. I come from the mountain region in Poland and as I child, I rarely spent holidays by the sea since mountains are closer to my hometown. Also, mountains always seemed more challenging. In discussions with my friends living in the areas surrounded by water I could not understand why it is so hard for not have a view of the seaside on a daily basis.

Only while living in Portugal I totally understood their mindset. The comfort of reaching the ocean within only 30min. by public transport and swimming in the ocean three days per week was a completely new and a priceless experience in my life. The freedom it gives you when you run, tranquility when you want to spend time only with yourself and the perspective of a wide blue space with no end.

Since then, I appreciate the time spent by the ocean and since then, I’ve understood how important it is to raise awareness about its protection. For us all but also for the future generations to come.

Working as a Communication Officer at OCEANA EUROPE, I propagate the knowledge on ocean & marine issues, threats and ways of better protection and its better use so that we can all assure a better world for ourselves, and the communities that both live by water and depend on the resources from the ocean.

Ocean protection is a vital environmental issue that concerns us all as “if oceans die, we die.”


Location: Belgium