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Andrzej Białaś

Policy Advisor, Europe
Oceana Staff

Andrzej currently works as a Policy Advisor and is a part of Policy and Advocacy team in Europe.

In the past he worked on subsidies campaign, Baltic Sea habitats and fisheries protection and am currently responsible for - among others - all things Baltic. He holds a Master of Science and Engineer degrees in Environmental Protection, his Master’s thesis was however focused on amphibians and not fish and involved habitats suitability assessments for the Great Crested Newt (which he considers the second best animal in the world, after cod). As for his professional background he’s been a part of Oceana for nearly six years and sometimes he thinks there was nothing else before, but in his previous life he worked in a couple other national (Polish) NGOs and served as communications officer for Pew's OCEAN2012 campaign/coalition.

Location: Poland