Craig Lawson | Oceana
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Craig Lawson

Communications Officer
Oceana Staff

As a child my father often dragged me along on his fishing trips. Going recreational fishing was, and still is, his favorite hobby and where he spends many weekends accompanied by his faithful companion and arch fishing rival: his brother.

Fast forward to 2016 and he can’t quite believe I am working for an ocean conservation organization. Fishing-and especially responsible fishing-has once again made its way back to the family table.

Decades of overfishing, stock mismanagement and industrialization have taken a toll on the number of fish in the sea and have destroyed vital or endangered marine life. Before I joined Oceana, I was unaware of all that. And now, as Communications Officer, it’s my job to engage as many people as possible with Oceana’s work on fisheries and marine management and our research expeditions that help to shape European fisheries and environmental policy and, ultimately, protect our oceans.


Locaiton: Spain