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Desiree Ong

Social Media Strategist
Oceana Staff

Desiree Ong took up European Studies in De La Salle University Manila because of her strong interest in international affairs and love for the French language. When she’s not busy hopping from one restaurant to another or whipping up a sweet treat, she greatly enjoys travelling and seeing the marvels of the world. Desiree also has a penchant for writing and blogging.

Growing up in a small town where she is always surrounded by majestic trees and sweeping farms, it was easy for her to fall in love with nature and care deeply about the environment. After graduating from university at a young age of 19, Desiree chose to work for Oceana because she aspires to help her fellow Filipinos, preserve the oceans, combat climate change and be a catalyst for positive change. She believes that the youth holds the key responsibility of restoring the oceans to how they once were for it is their future at stake. Desiree strongly feels that with the emergence of new technology and powerful information-sharing platforms such as social media, there is no better time to act than now.