Henrike Semmler | Oceana
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Henrike Semmler

Marine Scientist
Oceana Staff

Henrike had a student job onboard the research vessel Walther Herwig III during an International Bottom Trawl Survey.

After one month at sea, she was hooked. She was captivated by the beauty of the fragile marine ecosystems but she was as equally moved by seeing firsthand the impact of human activities on our oceans. The loss of biodiversity, the increase of marine litter, the effects of climate change… Without conservation all this beauty could be lost, however, rather than sink in despair she was inspired to work towards protecting them so that the children of future generations also will have the chance to witness them like she did. She gained her Bachelors in Biology from the University of Hamburg (Germany), her Masters in Biology from Humboldt University of Berlin (Germany), and her PhD in Marine Biology from the University of Copenhagen (DK). Her background is in marine zoology (all kind of invertebrates), parasitology, and ecology. She completed a postdoc at the university on invertebrate development and was a project assistant at ICES (International Council for Exploration of the Sea) on data collection for fish stock assessments. While at Oceana she has worked on the end overfishing campaign with focus on North East Atlantic fisheries (North Sea, Baltic Sea).

Location: Denmark