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Kevin He

Economics Associate
Oceana Staff

Kevin joined Oceana on May 2017 as an Economics Associate for the Science and Strategy team. Despite hailing from the desert Southwest in Phoenix, Arizona, Kevin has spent most of his academic and professional life on the eastern half of the US with a Bachelor’s degree in environmental science from Duke University and then a Master’s degree in environmental policy and economics from the University of Michigan. At Michigan, he cultivated an interest in the benefits of conservation not only for ecological ends but also for cultural and socioeconomic ones. Prior to coming to Oceana, Kevin supported a multitude of projects at the US Environmental Protection Agency, notably combining his statistical training with his interest in public communication through the development of indicators for EPA’s Climate Change Indicators report. Now at Oceana, Kevin hopes to continue his focus on the human element through understanding the socioeconomic implications of current and future marine policies and initiatives.