Lucas Zañartu | Oceana

Lucas Zañartu

Audio-Visual Director
Oceana Staff

Lucas Zañartu  earned a degree in Social Communication from the Universidad Diego Portales in Chile and in Integral Director of Cinema and T.V. at the Centro de Investigación Cinematográfico (CIC) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

From 2007 to the present Lucas has worked at the intersection of the environment and the sea, in communicational strategy and nature documentary roles. He does direction, direction of photography, scuba diving and underwater camera work, drone photography, editing and scriptwriting. 

Lucas has worked for important marine conservation campaigns in Chile. Some highlights include "Chao Pescao, Salvemos Punta de Choros", the marine parks "Motu Motiro Hiva", "Desventuradas", "Mar de Juan Fernández", "AMCP-MU Tortel" among others. 

He was part of the founding team of the NGO Chao Pescao. Later, in 2010, he joined Oceana, where he directs and produces filming in submarine and surface expeditions in several places in Chile, including Salas and Gómez Island, Rapa Nui Island, Robinson Crusoe Island, Santa Clara Island, Desventuradas Islands, the Patagonian fjords, Tortel, Chiloé Island, Punta de Choros and Islotes Pájaros, and diverse parts of the Chilean coast.