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Marta Carreras

Marine Scientist
Oceana Staff

Marta was born in Menorca, the easternmost island of the Balearic archipelago.

She’s learned to love and respect the sea since childhood. She majored in Biology at the University of Barcelona, she had the opportunity to study the sea and did some research on the anthropic impact on seagrass meadows in Lisbon her senior year.

She fsound working in the local conservation organization of Menorca, essential to her strong commitment to preserving the environment. She realized back then that despite being surrounded by the sea, we tend to live turning our back to it.

Her interest in a better understanding of the sea around us, led her to master in Marine Science, always bearing in mind the possibility of applying that knowledge to improve the human relations with this great body of salty water, source and origin of the life in our planet.

Oceana has given her the opportunity to work in an outstanding team where she can help to improve the fisheries and marine protected areas in Europe, more specifically in the Mediterranean Sea, an exciting challenge which she is very proud to be part of.

Location: Spain