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Marta Madina

Senior Communications Director, Europe
Oceana Staff

Can there be anyone who hasn’t felt the pleasure of stretching out on the sand, closing your eyes and letting yourself be lulled by the sound of the waves until your mind is cleared of everyday problems and you’re just left with a feeling of fulfilment, in harmony with nature?

How many of us ask ourselves, when a fish dish is placed in front of us: where did it come from? How did they catch it? What kind of seas does it reproduce in? If I eat this fish am I contributing to the extinction of this species?

Whatever the perspective from which we look at the oceans, they are still, in my opinion, the great unknown of our era. They feed us, they protect us, they sustain us and they give us life, and yet how many people feel grateful to the oceans or demonstrate it in any way? How many people worry about the oceans?
The frenetic pace of life imposed by our global, consumer societies and the speed at which information travels today makes us fall into the false illusion of thinking we know everything, manage everything and have everything under control. There could be nothing further from the truth.

Man’s arrogance and, above all, his ignorance, are killing our oceans. If we could go down to these marine depths and see the immense beauty and riches hidden under the seas, the forests of algae, the countless exotic species, the coral sea-beds, the volcanic seamounts… and if we could see that in a matter of seconds, man is capable, with a simple drag net, of completely razing and destroying this immense marine wealth, then I am sure our hair would stand up on end and we would be horrified.

This is my mission from the Communications Department where I work: to show what we cannot see, to put words to hidden realities, and to convince people – young and old alike – that the protection and recovery of the oceans does concern us; that it is the responsibility of us all, because life on our planet is all thanks to them.


Location: Spain