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Megan Davis

Illegal Fishing and Transparency Fellow
Oceana Staff

Megan Davis serves as Oceana's illegal Fishing and Transparency Fellow.

Prior to joining Oceana, Megan worked with a team of experts in science and policy as a Research Associate at the Ocean Collectiv to support clients in advancing ocean sustainability. Among her favorite projects was a report on loss in the seafood supply chain drafted for the WWF. Before she joined the Ocean Collectiv, Megan worked as a Research Assistant in the New York University Department of Environmental Studies, analyzing climate and rainfall data for a larger study concerning the human-water system of the region surrounding Lake Chilwa in Southern Malawi.

Megan recently graduated from New York University with a double major in Environmental Studies and Studio Art. Her thesis focused on modeling the global production potential for marine bivalve aquaculture. In her free time, and eventually as a studio intern, Megan worked in neon and plasma fabrication, producing custom illuminated sculptures and neon signs.


Location: United States