Roger Joseph Guzman | Oceana
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Roger Joseph Guzman

Legal and Policy Associate
Oceana Staff

Roger spent many of his childhood summers in the coasts of Cebu.

During those days, he feasted on all the seafood he could lay his hands on, believing that the sea could provide an endless bounty of resources, enough to sustain all the people in the world.  He became more delighted with the ocean when he chanced across hundreds of dolphins dancing gracefully over the sparkling waters of Tanon Strait while on an internship. But that experience also taught him that our oceans were in danger of being destroyed by unabated exploitation and irresponsible businesses. He realized that the seas aren’t just about watching dolphins from a distance — the Filipino people are actually dependent on them for their livelihood and sustenance in more ways than he could imagine. Ultimately, the problem is not just about the fish on the table, it’s about our future as well.