Todd Huyghe | Oceana

Todd Huyghe

Senior Data Systems Manager
Oceana Staff

Todd joins Oceana as the Salesforce Platform Manger to guide us through the implementation and enhancement of the software application.  This shared system will enable Oceana to interact with donors as never before, while helping the domestic and international offices to communicate and unify their focus on the shared mission.

His love of the nature began with his childhood in Toledo, OH along the marshy shores of Lake Erie.  It was solidified years later on his 2,200 mile journey across the Appalachian Trail.  As a certified Salesforce Administrator, Todd can meld his two passions here at Oceana.  Consulting with members across all departments, he helps design and craft solutions to assist each business unit in their combined goal of clean and healthy oceans.

Prior to his jump to Salesforce, Todd worked in broadcast media for companies such as CNN, NBC, ESPN, and Yahoo.  As a ‘jack-of-all-trades’, he worked as a video editor, audio technician, technical director, and on the assignment desk as a logistics coordinator and futures’ planner.    He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Literature from the Ohio University in Athens, OH. 


Locaiton: United States