Yolanda Sanchez | Oceana
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Yolanda Sanchez

Research Scientist
Oceana Staff

Yolanda has the conviction that education is the way to make marine conservation real.

When she finished her bachelor in Marine Science in Spain, she decided to develop different tools to improve marine education around the world. She worked in Germany as an aquarist and educator and then she moved to Chile, where she worked in a Marine Research Conservation Center in a university. Yolanda finished her Master degree in Science Education where she acquired tools to design, implement and evaluate marine education activities. She joined Oceana in 2017 to connect marine science with communities, schools, politicians, fishermen, etc. and increase knowledge and environmental awareness. In this role, she designs educational programs for different campaigns, creates exhibitions for museums and fairs, collaborates with communities to implement local marine educational programs, and has empowered young leaders across the country to become marine protectors.  

Yolanda also has supported habitat protection campaigns through building reports that support the necessity of conservation and has helped in outreach and communication activities.  

When she’s not looking for opportunities to share her passion for the ocean and tell everyone about incredible marine life curiosities, Yolanda loves spend time with her 3 dogs and write stories that hide funny situations in fiction scenes, while hopefully, sitting by the sea.


Location: Chile