Ocean Roundup: Scientists Call for “Bold” Action on Overfishing, Shipping Company Pleads Guilty to 2013 Molasses Spill, and More | Oceana

- In a new article, scientists called for “bold” action on overfishing and habitat destruction around the world for both industrial and small-scale fisheries. They call for more marine protected areas, and coordinated management and government activities. Phys. org

- The shipping company that spilled 233,000 tons of molasses into Honolulu Harbor in 2013 pleaded guilty to criminal charges. The spill killed over 26,000 fish and other marine life, and suffocated communities as it sank to the bottom of the harbor. The Associated Press

- City planners and architects in Boston are considering following in Venice and Amsterdam’s footsteps to mitigate sea level rise and increased coastal flooding: build a canal system. A 2013 study found Boston to be the eight-most vulnerable city in terms of financial risk from sea level rise. BBC

- Despite an international ban on its whaling practices and international opposition to the practice, Japan continued its whaling practices over the summer and announced their intention to submit a proposal to the International Whaling Commission to resume whaling. Japan has killed more than 14,000 whales since 1987. Public Radio International

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- Within the next few months, Western Australia is expected to release details about a group of marine parks along its Kimberley Coast—a difficult-to-access region but one that is teaming with vast biodiversity and unique geological features. The region is home to two unique dolphin species at risk—the Australian humpback and snubfin dolphin. BBC News Australia