CEO Note: Introducing Dr. Patricia Majluf, Oceana’s New Leader in Peru | Oceana

Dr. Patricia Majluf.

Photo Credit: (Photo: Patricia Majluf)

At Oceana, we focus on achieving measurable results for the world’s oceans. Dr. Majluf will help us to do just that by leading our campaigns in Peru, a country that has historically been the world's largest fishing nation by weight of landed catch. Dr. Majluf will serve as a key member of Oceana’s Global Management Team and help us head up conservation and ocean advocacy efforts in Peru; her expertise will be critical to Oceana’s work to protect key marine habitat and to support the goal of feeding more people sustainably worldwide.

The opening of the Peruvian office complements Oceana’s longstanding presence in Chile. The two countries share waters influenced by the cold Humbolt Current which creates one of the world’s most critical and productive marine habitats. This area is home to the Peruvian anchoveta, the target of the largest single species fishery on earth, a cornerstone of the Peruvian economy, and a focus of Dr. Majluf’s work for decades. Up to 98 percent of Peru’s six to ten million ton annual catches of anchoveta are ‘reduced’ to create fish oil and fishmeal products. Dr. Majluf has worked tirelessly to change this by encouraging people to eat anchoveta directly, as doing so would make available millions of pounds of a heart-healthy and protein rich food source. By engaging with the fishing and processing industries, activist chefs, and the international sustainable seafood movement, Majluf has raised the profile of the anchoveta worldwide and is having a direct impact on improving the sustainability of the world’s largest fishery.

A native of Peru, Dr. Majluf earned a Ph.D. in zoology at the University of Cambridge and worked as a scientist at the Wildlife Conservation Society for almost 20 years. She also served as Peru’s Vice Minister of Fisheries and most recently directed the Center for Environmental Sustainability at Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia in Lima. She has received awards and fellowships from the Pew Charitable Trusts, the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, Fundación BBVA, and others.

With the addition of Peru, Oceana will be now be active in areas that control over one third of the wild fish caught in our oceans. We couldn’t ask for a more capable leader than Dr. Majluf to help us live up to the challenge of saving the oceans and feeding the world.