Video: Oceana’s “Save the Oceans, Feed the World” Campaign Discussed in TED Talk | Oceana

What’s the key to restoring ocean abundance while simultaneously feeding the world? It turns out the answer is simpler than you may think: establish sustainable fishing quotas, reduce bycatch, and protect habitat, according to Jackie Savitz, Oceana’s vice president for U.S. Oceans. With climate change increasingly reducing the availability of arable land and compromising our ability to produce other protein sources, the need to rebuild the world’s fisheries to feed the world is more present than ever before. Following Oceana’s approach, Savitz tackles this concept in her 2013 TED talk, and shows that hunger and the sea are more closely linked than previously thought.

Watch below to see Jackie Savitz discuss Oceana’s approach: “Save the Oceans, Feed the World.”  You can learn more about Oceana’s  work to promote responsible fishing and curb world hunger by clicking here.