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Responsible Fishing

Reducing Bycatch

Oceana campaigns to protect important marine places, from the cold Arctic to coral reefs in order to increase marine biodiversity and abundance.

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Bycatch is a significant problem in the U.S. that undermines successful fisheries management and wastes the ocean's living marine resources. The federal government is required to minimize bycatch and the deaths of unintentionally captured fish and protected species.

Harmful Gear: Trawls, Longlines, & Gillnets

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How Clean Fishing Gear Can Save Species

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Dirty Drilling

Offshore drilling remains dirty and dangerous nine years after the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster.

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Save A Species

Adopt a Creature

Adopt a sea creature and your donation will help Oceana's work to protect these creatures and their habitats.

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Affected Animal

Swordfish Study

How to Achieve Environmental Sustainability and Economic Profitability without Deadly Gillnets

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There are many ways to support our work: you can become a Wavemaker, attend one of our events, or give in a number of other ways

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