Peru passes law to reduce use of plastics and protect its ocean | Oceana
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After campaigning by Oceana and our allies, a new law in Peru will help to reduce the use of plastics and plastic pollution. Peru’s Congress passed legislation, based on a proposal from the country’s Ministry of the Environment, banning the use of plastic bags and restricting other single-use plastics (including straws). The measures also include language that prohibits the use of plastics in Peru’s beaches, coast and the country’s many protected areas. This law will help Peru’s ocean and its economy as it will protect Peru’s abundant seas which are home to the world’s largest single-species fishery. Use of virgin plastic grows by 4% every year. This means that if even by some herculean efforts, recycling rates double by 2030, there would still be far more plastic entering the ocean than now. We cannot recycle ourselves out of this problem.