Chile Announces Protected Area in Tortel to Preserve Pristine Habitat | Oceana
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Chilean President Michelle Bachelet created a protected area encompassing over 6,702 square kilometers around the southern town of Tortel. The proposal to protect Tortel was supported by Oceana over several years, and our five expeditions to the area brought the species hidden below the surface — including Chilean dolphins and colorful sponges and corals — to life. Caleta Tortel is a top destination for visitors to Chile's Patagonia. There are no streets in this small, picturesque town; all the houses are connected by wooden walkways. Two years ago, the fjords at Caleta Tortel were threatened by the installation of salmon fish farms, which often wreak havoc on marine ecosystems and the communities that depend on them. Now, thanks to these protections, Tortel will be protected from salmon farming and other development that could irreparably damage this unique ecosystem.