Claire Huang - Oceana

Claire Huang

Climate & Oceans Fellow

Oceana Staff

Claire recently earned her Master of Environmental Management from Duke University and holds a B.A. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Columbia University.

She has always been interested in understanding how anthropogenic stressors, like climate change, impact marine ecosystems and species, biodiversity conservation, and communities that rely on fishery resources. For her Master’s thesis, she worked with the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center to assess the recovery of Chesapeake Bay river herring in response to dam removals. As a graduate student, Claire also studied Atlantic bottlenose dolphin genetics and fisheries in dynamic high-seas ecosystems. She previously worked at Earthjustice on sustainable agriculture issues, with a focus on environmental justice advocacy and water quality. In her free time, Claire enjoys making art, learning k-pop dances, and going on hikes!