Diovanie de Jesus - Oceana

Diovanie de Jesus

Campaign and Science Specialist

Oceana Staff

Diuvs de Jesus is our marine scientist who graduated Master of Science in Marine Science, major in Marine Biology. 

He worked as a research associate at the Marine Science Institute, University of the Philippines.  He is one of the few who have seen and experienced the outstanding beauty and vibrancy of the deep see corals found in the underwater seamounts in Benham Bank/Philippine Rise.  Diuvs loves travelling and spending time with his dogs. Apart from scuba diving,  he is also into birdwatching.  He tries to find time to organize trips to help our indigenous Filipino communities.  His previous research work experience enabled him to conduct studies about coral reef ecosystems, and help with the management of the Philippines’ Marine Protected Areas, and assist in the plans for the Coral Triangle Initiative.