Frances Withrow - Oceana

Frances Withrow

Marine Scientist, Policy and Research

Oceana Staff

Frances serves as a scientist on the Science and Strategy team providing technical and policy expertise across all Oceana departments and international offices on topics such as fisheries science and management, climate and the ocean, fish as food, and monitoring and evaluation.

Before joining Oceana in 2017, Frances developed a strong background in both scientific research and international field work experience. After getting her B.S. in Applied Mathematics at Texas A&M University, she immediately carried her quantitative skills to the Wildlife and Fisheries department as a graduate student of her Alma Mater. Her projects and studies developed interests in multidisciplinary and international work as she presented at conferences throughout the continental US, Hawaii, and Saudi Arabia. She served in the U.S. Peace Corps ’14-’16 in the Philippines working in Coastal Resource Management where she focused on fisheries management, sustainability, and environmental education. It was there that she fell in love with the ocean and developed a deeper understanding of the human connection with it. That passion fuels her advocacy for the ocean and the people who depend on it for their livelihoods.


Location: United States